Leading Fireman Hamish Grant was killed in a Road traffic Accident on the way to a fire in 1965


Part time fireman is killed 

A part time fireman was killed and four others injured when their fire appliance overturned en route to a farmhouse fire in Aberdeenshire. The men were members of the Aboyne Unit of North Eastern Area Fire Brigade. The appliance is said to have hit a tree as it somersaulted off the road into a field some nine miles from Aboyne.
Leading Fireman Dudley Hamish Grant, whose 37th birthday would have been three days later, was killed. Sub Officer Gordon A. Middleton was taken to hospital with three fractured ribs.

A mechanic

Driver Robert Thompson, Fireman W. Smith and Fireman F. Duguid were allowed home after hospital treatment.
An on the spot investigation into the accident suggested that Leading Fireman Grant had opened the appliance door to try to jump clear but the vehicle had fallen on him. He was a mechanic and had been a part time fireman for 12 years, being promoted last autumn.
While the appliance was travelling to the fire it had been extinguished by a crew from Alford Unit.
(Fire Magazine, June, 1965. Page 12.)