Firefighter Gus Paton a self taught artist stationed at Greenock Fire Station has painted a horse drawn steamer leaving the old Greenock fire station in the municipal buildings and donated it to Strathclyde Fire Brigade who will hang it in their headquarters in Hamilton.
As a fund raising venture a limited edition of 1,000 prints have been made of the painting and will be sold at 25 each plus postage. All cash raised from the sale of the prints will go to the Fire Fire Fighter's Charity.
Prints can be obtained from:-

David Adam

by emailing him at or phoning him at 01505 614379 mobile 07789 923449. 


The size of the print is 23.25" x 17" approx.( 59.2 x 43.2 cm.)

This is a photo of the print which shows almost all of it but is a wee bit squint.


Gus painted a second painting in 2007 again for the Fire Fighter's Charity. Below is Gus with the second painting. This print can also be obtained from David Adam.


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