Sub Officer Robert White in an RTA in Drumchapel while on route to a fire on Wednesday 22nd May, 1957.



A 48 year old Clydebank fireman was killed yesterday on his way to a chimney fire in Bearsden.
He was Sub officer Robert White, married with a nine year old son, who lived at 131 Lennox Drive, Faifley, Clydebank.
Sub Officer White was trapped in the cabin when the 8 ton fire tender taking him to the fire skidded and collided with a lamp standard on Garscadden Road, Drumchapel.
Minutes before the crash White and the driver of the wagon, Fireman George Harwell (35), had been talking of the dangerous corner they were approaching.
(The Greenock Telegraph, Thursday, 23 May, 1957. Page 1)


<PHOTO> The overturned fire tender at Garscadden Road (NYR119)
A Clydebank fireman, Robert White, was killed this afternoon when the fire tender taking him to a chimney blaze in Bearsden skidded and hit a lamp standard in Garscadden Road, Drumchapel.
The vehicle overturned against a garden wall and White was pinned by the electric standard. He died almost immediately after the accident.
The driver, suffering from shock, was taken to a near by house but was later moved to the Western infirmary, Glasgow.


On its way to Bearsden the tender rounded a sharp corner and skidded into the standard. The standard slashed through the steel sides of the van, which tilted over and came to rest against a garden wall.
The standard, hanging at a crazy angle, stuck through the top of the van. Glass was scattered in all directions and firemen sprayed the damaged vehicle with foam to prevent fire.
The crash was seen by several workmen, and one of them – 24 year old Francis Cochrane, 41 Peel Glen Road, Drumchapel – told the “Evening Times” that the vehicle passed him only a few yards from the bend.
“I walked on and a few seconds later I heard the skid and the crash. The driver escaped unhurt but seemed to be dazed. Workmen nearby ran to do what they could for the trapped fireman, but were unable to do anything.”
A neighbour summoned an ambulance and a doctor and the driver was taken to the house. Shortly afterwards the doctor arrived, found White was dead, and treated the driver for shock.
Traffic was diverted as a result of the accident. Vehicles heading for Garscadden Road were rerouted.
(Evening Times, Wednesday, May 22, 1957. Page 1)